Translation, proofreading, drafting

French-translator.biz offers a wide range of translation and content-writing services

Translation: translation of hard copy and electronic files. Website and software localization.

Adaptation: Celink adapts your communication to the French market. Working with your documents and your message, Celink offers translation and analytical adaptation of documents drafted in English or Spanish. Expertise and consulting on the French market.

Proofreading and spelling correction: YouÂ’re not sure about your documents in French? We offer exhaustive proof-reading to correct every final detail and produce perfect copy. We can prepare a scorecard identifying repeated errors to help you set up an in-house quality process for all corporate communication.

Linguistic QA of software and Websites: we track down every last spelling mistake, contextual error and other display bugs using your choice of procedures and bug report, and we go through as many times as necessary.

Copywriting for French content and press releases: we offer our clients value-added copywriting services for Web content and communication.

Bilingual SEO watch: we offer SEOs a technical watch. Are you looking for a translation of the latest Google recommendations, or do you want to be the first to publish hot news into French? Contact us to define your needs.